GreenPeak Technologies Debuts GP410 IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee PRO Green Power Controller

GreenPeak Technologies recently introduced their GP410 IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee PRO Green Power controller. The chip enables engineers to quickly develop and easily deploy low cost, battery-free, self-powered solutions. Green Power nodes can also be powered by a small battery, and due to the ultra-low power consumption, the battery will easily outlast the application’s expected life span.

The GreenPeak GP410 makes it easy to design and develop low-cost, light switches and other self-powered Smart Home applications. It is a fully integrated system-on-chip solution for power harvesting end nodes for light switches, smart home devices, or for applications designed to run on a single battery for many years.

The GP410 controller features a radio transmitter, an integrated real-time Medium Access Control (MAC) processor, a security engine and a harvester interface. Ultra-low power consumption ensures that multiple (redundant) packets can be transmitted with a small harvester or tiny battery. The GP410 supports both bursting and trickling energy harvesters. It is ideal for utilizing the energy harvested from flipping a light switch as well as solar powered sensors.

The Green Power feature gives battery-free, energy-harvesting devices the ability to join any Green Power enabled ZigBee PRO 2012 network. Without requiring batteries, the self-supporting devices typically generate (harvest) just enough power themselves to communicate a brief command. For example, a light switch without a battery harvests energy from flipping the switch on or off. This energy is captured to send the on or off command to the network to switch on or off the appropriate light. As a result, the light switch is a self-powered device that can be located anywhere in the room without a need for running power wires.

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