Texas Instruments ADS1293 Analog Front End Supports 5 Leads with Single AFE

Texas Instruments ADS1293 analog-front-end (AFE) IC

Texas Instruments introduced their ADS1293 analog-front-end (AFE) IC. The TI ADS1293 can support one to five leads with a single AFE. It reduces the size, power consumption and overall cost of scalable medical instrumentation systems. The AFE is available now in a 5mm x 5mm QFN package. It is priced at $5.50 in 1,000-unit quantities. The analog-front-end is ideal for biopotential measurement applications like portable, battery-powered electrocardiogram (ECG) solutions, Holter monitors and wireless patient monitoring equipment.

Texas Instruments (TI) ADS1293 analog-front-end (AFE) IC

The ADS1293 features three high-resolution channels capable of operating up to 25.6ksps. Each channel can be independently programmed for a specific sample rate and bandwidth, allowing designers to optimize the configuration for performance and power. All input pins incorporate an EMI filter and can be routed to any channel via a flexible routing switch. Flexible routing also allows independent lead-off detection, right leg drive, and Wilson/Goldberger reference terminal generation without the need to reconnect leads externally. A fourth channel allows external analog pace detection for applications that do not utilize digital pace detection.

Texas Instruments ADS1293 Analog Front End Features

  • 3 high resolution digital ECG channels with simultaneous pace output
  • EMI hardened inputs
  • Low power: 0.3mW/channel
  • Input-referred noise: 7µVpp (40Hz BW)
  • Input bias current: 175pA
  • Data rate: up to 25.6ksps
  • Differential input voltage range: ±400mV
  • Analog supply voltage: 2.7V to 5.5V
  • Digital I/O supply voltage: 1.65V to 3.6V
  • Right leg drive amplifier
  • AC and DC lead-Off detection
  • Wilson and Goldberger terminals
  • ALARM pin for interrupt driven diagnostics
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Built-in oscillator and reference
  • Flexible power-down and standby modes

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