Texas Instruments Debuts SM28VLT32-HT 4 MB Flash Memory Device

Texas Instruments SM28VLT32-HT 4 MB Flash memory device

Texas Instruments rolled out their SM28VLT32-HT 4 MB Flash memory device. The TI high-temperature, nonvolatile IC eliminates the need for up-screening and qualification testing of industrial-grade components for temperature ranges outside data sheet specifications. The SM28VLT32-HT is sampling now in an 8-mm x 25-mm ceramic flat pack, with KGD package options. Volume quantities will available in the first quarter of next year.

TI SM28VLT32-HT high-temperature, nonvolatile Flash memory device

SM28VLT32 is a 32-Megabit Flash Memory designed to store program code and/or data from acquisition. The TI device with its serial peripheral interface (SPI) offers low pin count for additional reliability and easy assembly in these applications.

The TI SM28VLT32-HT enables data logging at extreme temperatures.It has an operating life of over 1,000 hours. It is ideal for harsh environment applications, including oil and gas exploration, heavy industrial, and avionics.

Texas Instruments SM28VLT32-HT Features

  • 32-Megabit Flash for High-Temperature Applications
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Compatible (Mode 0 and 3)
  • 3.3-V Supply for IO, 1.8 V for Core
  • 2-M 7times; 16-Bit Word Access
  • Asynchronous Read, Write, and Erase Operations
  • 12-MHz Maximum Clock Frequency
  • Endurance: TBD Program and Erase Cycles
  • Data Retention: 1000 hrs
  • ESD Protection: 2-kV HBM, 500-V CDM
  • 8-mm x 20-mm 14-Pin Ceramic Package

More info: Texas Instruments SM28VLT32-HT (pdf)