Microchip Unveils MCP19035 PWM Controller, MCP87xxx Power MOSFET Devices

Microchip Technology MCP19035 power-conversion controller

Microchip Technology introduced the MCP19035 power-conversion controller family and the MCP87xxx family of power MOSFET devices. The MCP19035 and MCP87xxx families are available now for sampling and volume production. The MCP19035 family is available in a 3×3 mm 10-pin DFN package. Prices start at $1.12 each in 5,000-unit quantities. The MCP87022 and the MCP87050 are availalbe in a 5×6 mm 8-pin PDFN packages and the MCP87055 is available in a 3.3×3.3 mm 8-pin PDFN package. Prices start at $0.96, $0.45, and $0.39, respectively (5,000-unit).

Microchip MCP87xxx family of power MOSFET devices

The Microchip MCP87xxx family of high-speed, low-Figure of Merit (FOM) MOSFET devices offer very low FOMs. The family current consists of the MCP87022, MCP87050, and MCP87055 devices, which offer on-state resistance of 2.2mΩ, 5.0mΩ, and 5.5mΩ, respectively. These new MOSFETs enable high-efficiency power-conversion designs.

Microchip MCP19035 Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller family

The MCP19035 is a small, analog-based Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller family with integrated synchronous MOSFET drivers offering outstanding transient performance. The MCP19035 devices feature a wide 4.5 – 30Vdc range, 300 kHz switching-frequency, and a factory-adjustable dead-time setting. As a result, designers can optimize the performance across a wide selection of MOSFET devices.

Microchip MCP19035 Features

  • High-Speed Voltage Mode, Analog Pulse-Width Modulation Control
  • Integrated Synchronous MOSFET Drivers
  • Fixed Switching Frequency (fSW): 300 kHz
  • Multiple Dead-Time Options for low-FOM MOSFET Compatibility
  • Integrated Current Sense Capability for Short Circuit Protection
  • Integrated Linear Voltage Regulator

More info: MCP87xxx Power MOSFET | MCP19035 Synchronous Buck Controller (pdf)