Microchip MGC3130 Electrical-field 3D Gesture Controller Features GestIC Technology

Microchip Technology configurable MGC3130 electrical-field 3D gesture controller with GestIC technology

Microchip Technology introduced their configurable MGC3130 electrical-field based 3D gesture controller. The device features patented GestIC technology. GestIC enables the next dimension in intuitive, gesture-based, non-contact user interfaces for a broad range of end products. The configurable MGC3130 E-field IC offers low-power, precise, fast and robust hand position tracking with free-space gesture recognition. Samples of the MGC3130 are available now in a 5×5 mm 28-pin QFN package. Volume production is expected in April 2013. Prices start at $2.26 each in high volumes.

Microchip MGC3130 E-field 3D gesture controller with GestIC technology block diagram

The MGC3130 chip enables always-on 3D gesture recognition for battery-powered products where power budgets are extremely tight. The 3D gesture controller features power consumption as low as 150 microwatts in its active sensing state. It consumes 90% lower power than camera-based gesture systems.

Microchip MGC3130 Key Features

  • Recognition of 3D hand gestures and x/y/z positional data
  • High resolution of up to 150 dpi
  • Integrated digital signal processing unit
  • Low noise analog front end
  • Frequency hopping against noise
  • Digital interface
  • On-chip Colibri gesture suite

GestIC technology achieves high gesture-recognition rates through its on-chip Colibri Suite library of intuitive and natural human gestures. The Colibri Suite combines a stochastic Hidden Markov model and x/y/z hand-position vectors to provide designers with a reliable set of recognized 3D hand and finger gestures that can be easily employed in their products.

GestIC technology utilizes thin sensing electrodes made of any conductive material, such as Printed Circuit Board (PCB) traces or a touch sensor’s Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coating, to enable invisible integration behind the device’s housing. This allows for visually appealing industrial designs at very low total system costs. In addition, the technology provides 100% surface coverage, eliminating “angle of view” blind spots found in other technologies. GestIC offers a detection range of up to 15cm.

Microchip GestIC Technology Highlights

  • Very low power design
  • From 0 (touch) to 15 cm detection range
  • No detection blind spots
  • Usage of thin, low-cost sensing electrodes
  • Electrodes hidden behind housing
  • No ambient influences (light/sound)
  • High sensitivity
  • 70-130 kHz carrier frequency
  • No RF interference

More info: Microchip MGC3130 Single-Zone 3D Gesture Controller (pdf)