Dialog Semiconductor Debuts DA9063 Configurable Power Management IC

Dialog Semiconductor DA9063 integrated configurable power management IC for ARM quad-core and dual-core application processors

Dialog Semiconductor introduced the DA9063 integrated configurable power management IC for ARM quad-core and dual-core application processors. The DA9063 PMIC device can deliver up to 12A from its six DC/DC converters, which is at least 24% better than the competition. The Dialog Semiconductor DA9063 IC has an operating temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees C. The device is available now.

The DA9063 power management IC simultaneously powers the processor (the core at up to 5A plus other processor supplies), external memories, wireless communications (WLAN and Bluetooth), GPS and FM receivers, and data modems. The DC/DC converters can be paralleled to provide 3A and 5A rails. The device comes in an 8 x 8mm BGA package that facilitates simple routing, allowing low-cost, 2-layer PCBs to be used for some designs.

The DA9063 PMIC features eleven SmartMirror LDOs, 16 GPIOs, two rail switches, and six main DC/DC outputs. Any start up sequence, output voltage and DVC ramps can be programmed. This helps designers to minimize their system energy consumption.

The PMIC maximizes battery life by providing dynamic voltage scaling (DVS), something that is not available with discrete solutions. In addition, its multimode buck converter runs at 3MHz switching frequency, enabling inductors just 1mm high to be utilized, while maintaining the high peak current.

Dialog DA9063 PMIC Features

  • 6 DC-DC buck converters with dynamic voltage control
  • 3MHz switching frequency
  • Inductor height 1mm
  • Integrated power switches
  • 11 programmable LDO regulators
  • Fast controller for 2 rail switches
  • Power manager with programmable start-up sequence of internal and external regulators, rail switches and configurable low power modes
  • System monitor including watchdog timer
  • Up to 16 free configurable GPIO pins
  • RGB-LED driver (PWM) with autonomous flashing
  • PWM vibration motor driver
  • 10-Bit ADC with 9 channels
  • Regulator supervision with automatic under voltage / over voltage protection
  • Backup charger for coin cell / super-capacitor
  • Ultra low power 1.5µA real-time clock with alarm, oscillator circuitry (including crystal frequency adjustment) and controlled signal provision
  • Temperature range -40 to +85°C

More info: Dialog Semiconductor DA9063 System PMIC (pdf)