API Technologies Unveils XL403D Advanced Digital Accelerometer

API Technologies XL403D Advanced Digital Accelerometer

API Technologies introduced their XL403D Advanced Digital Accelerometer. The patent pending accelerometer evaluates minimum/maximum, magnitude, peak-to-peak, and tilt right in the accelerometer itself. The XL403D is the first accelerometer to support SCPI-like commands, returns data in engineering units, and works with any standard terminal emulator.

Because the XL403D sensor conducts internal processing itself, it can eliminate additional hardware which saves our customer time and money. In addition, the output is user configurable. This enables engineers to select the number of axes, units returned, bandwidth, sample rates, and readout display results.

The new digital accelerometer features a temperature sensor, microcontroller, and analog outputs in a small, easy-to-install package. The microcontroller takes 10-bit samples and performs temperature compensation and additional functions as programmed for output via the RS-485 interface. It is available from +/-1 g to +/-15g and with low pass filter bandwidths from 1 to 800 Hz.

The API XL403D Advanced Digital Accelerometer is ideal for testing military and aerospace components, monitoring vibration of aircraft, measuring inclination of portable field masts, and adding threshold detection and warnings to military and aerospace systems.

API XL403D Advanced Digital Accelerometer Features

  • Built-in Analyses reduce the need for post-processing time and equipment, plus shrink data file sizes
  • Users can select the scan rates needed and set threshold detection and actions as required
  • Readouts at specified intervals can include one, two or three axes plus temperature
  • High accuracy and linearity over wide temperature range
  • Calibration data for each sensor is maintained in the accelerometer
  • Self-test signal and commands help verify channel integrity and wiring connections
  • Robust and can be used in harsh environments
  • Built-in power supply regulation
  • Completely conditioned tri-axial accelerometer in less than one cubic inch
  • Lead-free design
  • Three-year factory warranty

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