element14 Announces Raspberry Pi 512MB Board

element14 and Raspberry Pi launched a new 512MB board version of the credit-card sized computer. The Raspberry Pi 512MB board is priced at $35. This is the same price as the previous board, which only has half the RAM as the new model. The additional memory enables the Raspberry Pi to run a future version of an Android 4.0 operating system. The Raspberry Pi 512MB computer is ideal for multimedia, high-memory and mobile applications.

The Raspberry Pi 512MB will initially be sold in an uncased configuration with two USB ports, 512MB of RAM, HDMI port, SD memory card slot and an Ethernet port. With 512MB of RAM, the faster, more rapidly accessible memory can be used to create a more effective multimedia performance. It also means that both CPU and GPU both now have sufficient RAM to function optimally. Having more memory means users can now easily set the memory allocation to a level so they can use multimedia at will and still have plenty of RAM to run other processes powered by the CPU.

The 512MB Raspberry Pi board is being manufactured for element14 in the UK by Sony UKTec, as part of the multi-million pound manufacturing deal, which was announced last month. element14 has global stock of the Raspberry PI 512MB board available now on a first come first served basis through its brands Farnell element14 in Europe, Newark element14 in North America and element14 in Asia Pacific, as well as through subsidiaries CPC in the UK and MCM Electronics in the US.

More info: element14