Freescale Semiconductor Debuts 64-bit T1040, T1020, T1022, T2081 QorIQ Processors

Freescale Semiconductor introduced four new devices for their QorIQ T1 and T2 families of 64-bit processor families. The new processors are the T1040, T1020, T1022, and T2081. The new Freescale devices are built on Power Architecture technology. All of the parts are pin-compatible. They are ideal for entry-level to mid-range networking, printing and security device applications. Samples of the T1040 device will be available in the third quarter of 2013. The other T1 and T2 devices will follow soon after.

The T1040 and T1020 processors are ideal for low-cost routers. By offloading key tasks to the switch, the devices free the CPU to handle other tasks. This results in performance improvement of 2x to 4x compared to Freescale’s current-generation QorIQ P1 processors. They maintain the same power budget. Target applications include enterprise and service provider switching and routing equipment, security appliances and industrial products such as factory automation and smart grid networking products. The T1040 is a quad-core outer on a chip. It is the industry’s first embedded 64-bit processor to integrate a gigabit Ethernet switch. The T1020 incorporates two cores and an Ethernet switch.

The dual-core T1022 processor offers performance improvement of 2x to 4x and SerDes bandwidth of Freescale’s current generation QorIQ P1/P2 devices. They maintain the same power budget. The processor is ideal for power-sensitive applications, such as enterprise switching and routing equipment, security appliances, and factory automation networking products.

The Freescale T2081 processor integrates four dual-threaded Power Architecture e6500 cores running at up to 1.8 GHz. It offers 2x or better improvement in core capability, cache size, SerDes bandwidth and Ethernet connectivity. The chip maintains the same power budget as Freescale’s mid-tier 45-nm QorIQ P series devices. Key features include advanced virtualization technology, a broad array of I/O options, DPAA and robust security functionality.

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