Microchip Launches dsPIC33FJ09GS302 Digital Signal Controllers

Microchip Technology dsPIC33FJ09GS302 family of dsPIC33 GS Digital Signal Controllers

Microchip Technology introduced the five-member dsPIC33FJ09GS302 family of dsPIC33 GS Digital Signal Controllers. The dsPIC33FJ09GS302 DSC family is available now for sampling and volume production. Prices start at $1.54 each (in 10,000-unit quantities). The dsPIC33FJ06GS001 and dsPIC33FJ06GS101A are offered in 18-pin SPDIP and SOIC, as well as 20-Pin SSOP packages. The dsPIC33FJ06GS102A, dsPIC33FJ06GS202A and dsPIC33FJ09GS302 are offered in 28-pin SOIC, SSOP, SPDIP and QFN, as well as 36-pin VTLA packages.

Microchip dsPIC33FJ09GS302 dsPIC33 GS Digital Signal Controllers block diagram

The five-member dsPIC33FJ09GS302 family lowers power consumption, and improves efficiency in AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies, HID and LED lighting, solar inverters, and other power conversion applications. The DSCs enable the efficiency of full digital control in more cost-sensitive, lower-wattage power-conversion applications.

The Microchip dsPIC33FJ09GS302 family is optimized for digital-power applications via integrated high-speed ADCs, a zero-wait-state signal processing core, and flexible high-resolution PWMs. The peripherals are integrated for streamlined interoperation and enables sub-microsecond digital control loops. Other key features include on-chip analog comparators with programmable hysteresis and rail-to-rail operation, and an on-chip PMBus address selection current source to reduce external components.

Microchip dsPIC33FJ09GS302 DSC Features

  • Up to 40 MIPS Operation (at 3.0-3.6V)
  • 16 x 16 Fractional/Integer Hardware Multiply, Single Cycle Execution
  • Single-Cycle Multiply and Accumulate
  • 32-bit by 16-bit Hardware Divider
  • C Compiler Optimized Instruction Set
  • Internal oscillator and Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) with 120 MHz VCO
  • On-chip LDO Voltage Regulator
  • JTAG Boundary Scan and Flash Memory Program Support
  • Fail-Safe Clock Monitor – allows safe shutdown if clock fails
  • Watchdog Timer with separate RC oscillator
  • Three pairs of PWM outputs
  • Dead Time for Rising and Falling Edges
  • Duty Cycle Resolution of 1.04 ns for Dead-Time, Phase Shift, and Frequency
  • Supported PWM modes: Standard Edge-Aligned, True Independent Output, Complementary, Center-Aligned, Push-Pull, Multi-Phase, Variable Phase, Fixed Off-Time, Current Reset, and Current-Limit
  • PWMxL, PWMxH Output Pin Swapping
  • PWM4H, PWM4L Pins Remappable
  • On-the-Fly PWM Frequency, Duty Cycle and Phase Shift Changes
  • Two Analog Comparators
  • 10-bit DAC for each analog comparator
  • DACOUT pin to provide DAC output
  • High-Speed ADC
  • 10-Bit Resolution
  • 8 Input Channels
  • 2 Msps Conversion rate
  • Independent Trigger Source Section for each Analog Input Conversion Pair
  • UART Module with LIN and IrDA support
  • SPI Module with FIFO
  • I2C Module with Master and Slave Modes
  • 2 16-bit Timer Modules
  • Input Capture and 1 Output Compare / PWM

Info: Microchip dsPIC33FJ06GS001/101A/102A/202A and dsPIC33FJ09GS302 (pdf)