SMIC Announces 1.2V Low-Power Embedded EEPROM Platform

The 1.2-volt Low-Power Embedded EEPROM Platform is now available from Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation. It is fully compatible with SMIC’s 0.13-micron (um) low-leakage (LL) process. The process- and IP-qualified platform reduces power consumption, chip size, and cost, while increasing data security. The process is ideal for dual-interface IC cards and contactless smart cards.

The 1.2V LL platform is built on SMIC’s 0.13um LL process and uses pure EEPROM technology with byte-mode operation. The platform features up to a 50% reduction in memory area and 50% lower power consumption compared to 0.18um EEPROM technologies. It also provides the option to incorporate a cache controller to reduce read access time while maintaining low power consumption and providing greater design flexibility.

SMIC’s new platform incorporates EEPROM, ROM, VR, OSC, I/O, memory compiler and light detector IP. In addition to SMIC’s own IP, third-party IP is available for memory compilers. SMIC’s 0.13um LL process uses copper low-k interconnects and cobalt silicide transistor interconnects.

Devices built with the process will support full read and program operations at temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 85 degrees Celsius, with minimum 30-year data retention at 55 degrees after 100,000 read and write cycles (equivalent to more than 300-year data retention at room temperature). The technology is currently undergoing qualification for 1 million read and write cycles.

The platform is ideal for applications such as dual-interface bankcards, social security cards, health insurance cards, transportation cards, e-passports, and electronic payment cards.

More info: Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC)