Texas Instruments Launches TPS84259 and TPS84250 Step-Down Power Modules

Texas Instruments TPS84259 and TPS84250 step-down power modules

Texas Instruments launched the TPS84259 and TPS84250 step-down power modules. The power modules feature 65-V transient protection that integrates a DC/DC converter, inductor and passives in a very small, easy-to-use package. The TPS84250 and TPS84259 power modules are available in volume now. They are offered in a 41-lead QFN package and are priced at $5.25 and $6, respectively, in 1,000-unit quantities.

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The 2.5-A TPS84250 meets the EN55022 Class B electromagnetic emissions standard and features frequency synchronization to cleanly power noise-sensitive analog circuits. The chip supports input voltages from 7 V to 50 V and provides a positive output voltage from 2.5 V to 15 V in a small, thin 9mm by 11mm package. The TPS84250 step-down power module is ideal for test and measurement, industrial motor control, medical and imaging applications.

The TI TPS84259 features 4.5-V to 40-V input, up to 15-W power module with frequency synchronization and low electromagnetic interference (EMI). The chip provides output voltage down to -17 V for powering sensors, bipolar amplifiers, split-rail data converters and other analog circuits. The power module is ideal for applications that require a negative output voltage.

TI TPS84250 and TPS84259 Power Modules Features

  • 65-V transient protection eliminates additional system protection components
  • Frequency synchronization reduces noise
  • Compliant to EN55022 Class B electromagnetic emissions standard for low EMI noise
  • Very small, low-profile 9mm by 11mm by 2.8mm QFN package is 75% smaller in area than open-frame power modules

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