Conemtech Introduces instantPTP Technology for Packet Network Synchronization

Conemtech instantPTP for packet network synchronization

Conemtech unveiled their instantPTP product line for packet network synchronization. With the chip, designers can now obtain high accuracy synchronization via the IEEE 1588-2008 standard by just adding a single component to their design. instantPTP technology will be introduced in new and existing compatible products in the fourth quarter of this year.

Conemtech’s instantPTP technology enables engineers to use a single component to implement IEEE 1588 synchronization without extensive development costs or design-in times. instantPTP can be applied to new systems or retrofitted to existing designs, and does not require extensive knowledge of IEEE 1588 protocols.

The instantPTP technology now connect and adapt to different line conditions, entirely without the need for software integration in its host system or extensive field tests to establish the best set of parameters. The instantPTP products are IPv6 capable from the start for synchronization.

The new instantPTP products are ideal as slave clocks in the packet network. New application methods are opened with the instantPTP technology. The new feature to connect as a “bump on the wire” using two Ethernet channels is key to this approach. It is easy to insert the Conemtech P50 board-level product, or a one square inch M50 module, into the signal path and benefit from having distributed GPS-like accuracy in an embedded environment. These instantPTP system components terminate the synchronization protocol communication without interfering with the host data payload.

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