WinSystems Introduces PS394 Series of PC/104 Green Energy Power Supply Modules

WinSystems PS394 series of PC104 DC-DC Power Supply with Battery Back-up

WinSystems announced the PS394 series of PC/104 and PC/104-Plus highly integrated, green energy power supply modules. The series consists of three DC/DC supplies: PPM-PS394-533, PCM-PS394-500 and ISM-PS394-533. They support two inputs from solar panels, wind turbines, or other DC sources. The PPM-PS394-533 is priced at $249. The PCM-PS394-500 is $229 and the ISM-PS394-533 is $209. They are ideal for telemetry, pipelines, outdoor signage, military, transportation, and security applications.

The WinSystems PPM-PS394-533 is a PC/104-Plus module with +5V@5A and +3.3V@5A outputs. The PCM-PS394-500 is a PC/104 module with a single +5V@10A output. The ISM-PS394-533 is a standalone dual output +5V@5A and +3.3V@5A unit without the PC/104 connectors populated. The power supplies are available in three standard configurations with custom engineered solutions also available. Each of the 90 x 96mm board options accept voltages from the dual 9 – 32 volt DC input sources and automatically selects and converts the highest one to the output voltage(s).

The PS394 series modules provide a complete power management solution for embedded computers by directly powering the device from one of the dual DC inputs as well as providing smart battery charging and switching to battery power when the input voltage(s) drop below operational levels. The battery charging controls support 6V or 12V batteries including Lead Acid, Li-Ion/Polymer, LiFePO, and SLA chemistries. The UPS feature provides a fast switchover which is free of oscillations between the two external sources and battery. Multiple options are available for setting charge times, float voltages, and charge current monitoring. The charger also has built in state-of-charge (SOC), bad battery detection, preconditioning, and end-of-charge (EOC) features as well as an optional thermistor to monitor the battery’s temperature. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is supported for solar panels for more efficient charging during cloudy or low-light conditions.

More info: PPM-PS394-533 | PCM-PS394-500 | ISM-PS394-533