TI Debuts LMH6881, LMH6882 Programmable Differential Amplifiers

Texas Instruments (TI) LMH6881 and LMH6882 programmable differential amplifiers (PDAs)

Texas Instruments launched the LMH6881 and LMH6882 programmable differential amplifiers (PDAs). The LMH6881 is a 2.4 GHz single-channel PDA, and the LMH6882 is 2.4 GHz dual-channel PDA. The devices optimize noise, distortion and bandwidth performance over a 6-dB to 26-dB gain range. The TI LMH6881 PDA is available now in a 24-pin, 2.6 mm by 2.6 mm QFN package for $3.71 each in 1,000-unit quantities. The LMH6882 dual-channel PDA is available now in a 36-pin, 4.6 mm by 4.6 mm QFN package for $5.95 each (1,000-unit quantities).

Designing systems with PDAs increases flexibility and significantly reduces design time, solution size and bill of materials (BOM) cost for a broad range of applications. The programmable gain control in the LMH6881 and LMH6882 eliminates the need for gain-setting resistors and their associated mismatch errors, enabling more robust systems for applications, such as medical, test and measurement, military, wireless communications, and microwave backhaul.

LMH6881 and LMH6882 Features

  • Small Signal Bandwidth: 2400MHz
  • OIP3 @ 100 MHz: 44dBm (LMH6881)
  • OIP3 @ 100 MHz: 42dBm (LMH6882)
  • HD3 @ 100 MHz: -100dBc
  • Noise Figure: 9.7dB
  • Voltage Gain Range: 26dB to 6dB
  • Voltage Gain Step Size 0.25dB
  • Input Impedance 100Ω
  • Parallel and Serial Gain Control
  • Power Down Capability

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