Texas Instruments Debuts LM25066I/A PMBus Server Power Management and Protection IC

Texas Instruments LM25066I/A server monitoring, protection and control IC

Texas Instruments launched the LM25066I/A server monitoring, protection and control IC. The device features on-chip PMBus support. The LM25066IA and LM25066I are offered in a 4-mm by 5-mm, 24-lead LLP package and are priced at $2.95 and $2.45 respectively (in 1,000-unit quantities). The LM25066IA and LM25066I are sampling now with full production volumes scheduled for October 2012.

TI LM25066IA and LM25066I PMBus Server Power Management and Protection IC

TI’s LM25066IA is fully compliant to Intel Node Manager 2.0 and provides designers of servers with a system power management and protection solution that interfaces directly with the Intel management engine. The IC features 1% current measurement accuracy and 2% power measurement accuracy over the server operating temperature range. This enables dynamic server platforms to implement power capping schemes that minimize operating expense and improve reliability in data centers.

The LM25066IA integrates high-performance monitoring, protection and control blocks that precisely control and manage the electrical operating conditions of each blade in the chassis. It continuously supplies the system management host or management engine device with real-time power, voltage, current, temperature and fault data for each blade subsystem. The parametric and fault data is delivered through the system management bus (SMBus) communications interface using the industry-standard PMBus protocol and the host’s system diagnostic and optimization routines use the data to limit the power to each blade subsystem, or node. Using this scheme, data center operators are able to minimize the overall power consumption of the server equipment while increasing system reliability by keeping the servers operating within their optimal operating power range.

The LM25066I features 2.4% current measurement accuracy and 3% power measurement accuracy.

TI LM25066I/A IC Features

  • Fully Node Manager 2.5 Compliant with I2C/SMBus interface and PMBus compliant command structure
  • Input voltage range: 2.9V to 17V
  • Programmable 25mV or 46mV current limit threshold
  • Read_EIN accurately measures true input power via simultaneous sampling
  • Configurable circuit breaker protection for hard shorts
  • Configurable under- and over-voltage lockouts with hysteresis
  • Real time monitoring of VIN, VOUT, IIN, PIN, VAUX with 12-bit resolution and 1 kHz sampling rate
  • Current measurement accuracy: ±1% (LM25066IA) over temperature and Power measurement accuracy: ±2.0% (LM25066IA) over temperature
  • True input power measurement Read_EIN accurately samples dynamic power readings
  • Averaging of VIN, IIN, PIN, and VOUT over programmable interval ranging from 0.001 to 4 seconds
  • Programmable WARN and FAULT thresholds with ^SMBA notification
  • Blackbox capture of telemetry measurements and device status triggered by WARN or FAULT condition
  • 24-lead LLP package

More info: Texas Instruments LM25066I/A Intel Node Manager Compliant System Power Management and Protection IC (pdf)