Microchip Debuts DM320014 and DM320413 PIC32 MCU-based Development Boards

DM320014 PIC32 USB Digital Audio Accessory Board

Microchip Technology introduced the DM320014 and DM320413 PIC32 MCU-based development boards. The DM320014 is a USB digital audio accessory board, while the DM320413 is a digital audio mixer board. The two development boards are powered by Microchip’s PIC32MX250F128 32-bit MCU. The DM320014 and DM320413 enable audio and voice device development for a broad range of applications. Both digital audio mixer boards are available now with prices starting at $69.99. The DM320413 is offered exclusively to Apple MFi licensees, via Apple’s authorized distributor. The DM320014 is available at microchipDIRECT.

DM320413 PIC32 Digital Audio Mixing Development Kit

The Microchip development boards are designed for easy integration of digital and analog audio into the target application. Features include interfaces for digital audio via USB Mini-B or the Apple iOS interface, line-in and microphone-in for convenient connectivity to analog audio sources, such as microphones or instrument pickups, and line-out and headphone out, for line-level output and headphone connectivity. Each provides a starting point for a portable music player dock design.

The DM320014 and DM320413 development boards are ideal for consumer and automotive applications, such as consumer audio docks (including those in stereo systems), noise-canceling headsets, clock radios or A/V entertainment system sounds bars.

DM320014 PIC32 USB Digital Audio Accessory Board Features

  • PIC32MX250F128B MCU: 40 MHz, 128 KB of program memory and 32 KB of RAM
  • PIC32 I2S support (LJ, RJ, DSP/PCM modes supported) — all modes can be 16/24-bit
  • PIC32 reference clock output for codec master clock
  • Audio codec (AK4645A) with up to 48 kHz sampling rate and 16/24-bit resolution
  • Supported codec-based audio processing features:
    • 5-band equalizer
    • Analog output mixing
    • Stereo separation emphasis and wind-noise filtering
    • Auto-level control

DM320413 PIC32 Digital Audio Mixing Development Kit Features

  • 40 MIPS 32-bit MCU with 128 KB Flash/32 KB RAM
  • Up to 48KHz sampling rate
  • 16, 24, 32-bit stereo audio
  • Audio input and output mixing stages
  • 5-band equalizer
  • 3D stereo spatial separation support

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