Impulse Announces ADAM-2000 Series of Wireless Remote I/O Sensor Modules

ADAM-2000 series of wireless remote I/O sensor modules ~ Impulse Corporation

Impulse Corporation introduced the ADAM-2000 series of wireless remote I/O sensor modules. The ADAM-2000 series combines input sensors and the IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee wireless communication standard. The modules are flexible and cost effective distributed sensor monitoring systems. The sensors only update at one minute intervals. As a result, each sensor module can be powered by two AA alkaline batteries for up to a year. The ADAM-2000 series is now available.

The ADAM-2000 series currently consists of five modules: a Modbus/RTU gateway, a wireless router node and three I/O modules. Sensor input types include temperature, humidity and voltage/current.

The ADAM-2520Z is a gateway module that enables wireless ADAM-2000 network to communicate with a wired RS-422/485 network. Utilizing the Modbus/RTU communication protocol, the ADAM-25020Z can be integrated into an existing RS-422/485 network with minimal configuration.

The ADAM-2510Z is a router designed to extend the coverage of an ADAM-2000 network. Thanks to the design of the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol, the ADAM-2510Z can reach a distance of up to 1000m, dependant on environment.

The ADAM-2031Z, ADAM-2017Z and ADAM-2051Z are used to collect and convert digital and analog signals from devices such as sensors and actuators. ADAM-2000 sensor modules can be powered by two AA batteries allowing for added flexibility in deployment and maintenance.

ADAM-2000 Wireless I/O Modules Features

  • Reliable IEEE 802.15.4 wireless communication standard
  • Ultra low powered and battery operated
  • Up to 1km transmitting distance
  • Industrial Modbus/RTU support
  • Easily integrated into existing HMI and SCADA systems
  • Enhanced data integrity functionality
  • Flexible selection of digital and analog I/O

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