Mantracourt Introduces T24-GW1 Modbus Gateway for Gathering Data Wireless

Mantracourt T24-GW1 Wireless Telemetry Modbus Gateway

Mantracourt introduced the T24-GW1 Modbus Gateway. The T24-GW1 is a Modbus interface gateway with a simple interface for gathering data from up to 100 acquisition modules in a T24 network using either the standard Modbus interface RTU protocol or a simple ASCII protocol. Simple commands are available to wake, sleep, and keep awake T24 acquisition modules. The Mantracourt T24-GW1 is ideal for process control, industrial processing, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and automotive applications.

The T24-GW1 Modbus Gateway is basically a data translator. The GW1 takes the information from T24 modules and displays the raw number in predefined locations in its registry. Then a Modbus PLC, or Industrial PC, can be programmed to show which locations relate to which module. The PLC can request that information or the GW1 can push the information out to the PLC using ASCII protocol.

Mantracourt T24-GW1 Modbus Gateway Features

  • Modbus RTU or ASCII interface (RS232/RS485) for all T24 modules
  • Gathers data from up to 100 acquisition modules
  • Wake, sleep and keep awake commands
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Wireless configuration
  • Licence free 2.4 GHz radio
  • Wireless range of up to 200m (650ft)
  • Free software
  • External power supply (9-32 volts)
  • IP65 rated enclosure (NEMA4)

More info: Mantracourt