ADI ADG5206 and ADG5207 Multiplexers Prevent Latch-up Problems

Analog Devices (ADI) ADG5206 and ADG5207 multiplexers

Analog Devices announced their ADG5206 and ADG5207 multiplexers. The two ADI devices prevent latch-up in high-voltage industrial applications operating up to ±22 V. Latch-up can lead to device failure. The ADG5206 16-channel multiplexer and ADG5207 differential 8:1 multiplexer are available now in 28-lead TSSOP and LFCSP packaging. Both are priced at $4.40 each in 1,000 quantities.

The ADG5207 and ADG5206 are monolithic CMOS analog multiplexers. The ADG5207 features eight differential channels. It switches one of eight differential inputs to a common differential output, as determined by the 3-bit binary address lines, A0, A1, and A2. The ADG5206 features sixteen single channels. The ADG5206 switches one of sixteen inputs to a common output, as determined by the 4-bit binary address lines, A0, A1, A2, and A3. An EN input enables or disables both devices. When EN is low, the device is disabled, and all channels switch off.

The ADG5206 and ADG5207 feature ultra-low (0.35 pC) charge injection. They are ideal for data acquisition and sample-and-hold applications, where low glitch and fast settling time are required. The low leakage (20 pA) feature ensures high accuracy and resolution, which is an advantage in audio and video signal routing.

ADI ADG5206 and ADG5207 Multiplexers Features

  • Latch-up proof
  • 3.5 pF off source capacitance
  • 64 pF off drain capacitance (ADG5206)
  • 33 pF off drain capacitance (ADG5207)
  • 0.35 pC typical charge injection
  • Low on resistance: 155 Ω typical
  • ±9 V to ±22 V dual-supply operation
  • 9 V to 40 V single-supply operation
  • VSS to VDD analog signal range
  • Human body model (HBM) ESD rating
    • 8 kV I/O port to supplies
    • 2 kV I/O port to I/O port
    • 8 kV all other pins

More info: Analog Devices ADG5206 and ADG5207 Multiplexers (pdf)