Android, Blackberry Lose Smartphone Market Share to Apple iOS

Strategy Analytics announced that the market share for the Android operating system decreased to 56% from 60%. In addition, Blackberry’s smartphone market share declined from 11% to 7% over the past year. This is its lowest level in recent history. Consumers, businesses and operators continue to be frustrated by Blackberry’s limited touchcreen smartphone portfolio and repeated delays to its new BB10 operating system.

Smartphone shipments decreased to 23.8 million units in the United States during the second quarter of 2012, which is a 5% annual drop. This was one of the slowest growth rates ever experienced by the US smartphone market. Some of the main causes of the slowdown are a volatile economy, maturing penetration of smartphones among contract mobile subscribers, and major operators tightening their upgrade policies to enhance profits.

Android is still the number one platform by volume in the United States. However, its market share is approaching a peak and Apple iOS has been gaining ground. Apple’s US market share has risen by ten points from 23% in Q2 2011 to 33% in Q2 2012. According to rumors, Apple will be launching a new iPhone in the near future. This will put even more pressure on Android.

United States Smartphone OS Shipments and Market Share in Q2 2012

United States Smartphone Operating System Shipments
(Millions of Units)
Q2 ’11 Q2 ’12
Android 15.3 13.4
Apple iOS 5.9 7.9
Blackberry OS 2.7 1.6
Others 1.4 1.0
Total 25.2 23.8

United States Smartphone Operating System Market Share
(% of Total)
Q2 ’11 Q2 ’12
Android 60.6% 56.3%
Apple iOS 23.2% 33.2%
Blackberry OS 10.5% 6.5%
Others 5.7% 4.0%
Total 100.0% 100.0%
Total Growth Year-over-Year % 70.1% -5.4%

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