RedMere Technology, Fresco Microchip Merge to Form Spectra7 Microsystems

RedMere Technology and Fresco Microchip are merging to form a new company: Spectra7 Microsystems. The new company will be a high performance analog semiconductor company. Spectra7 will offer high bandwidth components for mobile infrastructure and consumer products. The new company has a capital investment of over $80 million, a portfolio of patents and development centers in four countries. Spectra7 Microsystems is expected to raise an addition $10 million in equity.

Spectra7 Microsystems will target the demand for more bandwidth and lower costs in mobile and Internet infrastructure equipment, including handsets, tablets, base stations and microwave backhaul systems. Spectra7 will use technology developed by RedMere and Fresco to provide new system level analog components that will deliver unprecedented bandwidth over fiber and copper links and address the wireless bandwidth bottlenecks in the mobile Internet.

The rapid increase in consumer bandwidth demand is driven by rich media, higher resolution displays, faster frame rates and increasing smartphone and tablet adoption. New, high performance, low power analog signal conditioning semiconductor devices are needed to address this demand. In addition, aging telecom infrastructure, which was originally architected for voice deployments, needs smarter high performance analog signal processing to accommodate the demand for media rich content delivery.

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