Bruker Debuts InSight-450 3DAFM, D8 FABLINE, S8 FABLINE-T Metrology Tools

Bruker introduced three new 450mm X-Ray and AFM semiconductor metrology products: InSight-450 3DAFM, D8 FABLINE and S8 FABLINE-T X-ray systems. The three metrology systems are designed to meet the industry roadmap challenges at future technology nodes on the larger 450mm wafer size. They enable both greater product capability and reliability for semi development and production facilities.

InSight-450 3DAFM
The InSight-450 3DAFM features bare wafer process validation, roughness characterization and pit/bump/scratch defect metrology; incoming substrate qualification; thin film and epitaxial deposition performance with micro/nano roughness and angstrom-level step height precision; etch depth metrology for process development and control, in-line resist profile measurements of CD, SWA, and LER with full TEM-like profiles; and CMP flatness performance to monitor dishing and erosion. It is ideal a broad range of roughness, depth and CD applications.

The D8 FABLINE is Bruker’s next-generation X-ray metrology tool. It features the latest high-brilliance X-ray sources, detector technology and user-friendly software for improved data analysis. The D8 FABLINE system provides a broad range of in-line, thin film X-ray measurements for FEOL and BEOL process monitoring on blanket or product wafers. It is ideal for determining thickness, composition and strain in SiGe, SiC, SOI, III_V on Si, as well as composition and thickness for metal films and stacks, including ALD layers.

The S8 FABLINE-T TXRF (Total X-ray Reflection Fluorescence) is designed for non-destructive trace metal and light element contamination analysis. The X-ray metrology system is ideal for new and emerging device processing, which creates metal contamination control challenges for IC manufacturing. The S8 FABLINE-T TXRF, Bruker’s latest state-of-the-art of X-ray instrumentation, is needed to meet these challenges.

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