GreenPeak Technologies Debuts GP510 RF4CE Network Communications Controller

GreenPeak Technologies GP510 RF4CE network communications controller

GreenPeak Technologies introduced their GP510 communication controller chip. The GP510 supports all communication between ZigBee RF4CE enabled devices and the set-top box or gateway. The system-on-chip is optimized for low cost BOM while offering excellent range and reliability. The GreenPeak GP510 communication controller chip is ideal for set-top boxes that serves as the ZigBee RF4CE hub for the home.

The GP510 was developed as a low cost RF4CE solution designed for the new generation ZigBee set-top boxes. It facilitates the transition from traditional IR for the set-top box to ZigBee RF4CE communication technology. ZigBee is the open communication standard for sensor and control networks driven and adopted by major operators in the market and is complementary to both Wi-Fi (because of its ultra-low power and long battery life) as well as to Bluetooth (because of its better range and networking capabilities).

The integrated RF filtering simplifies the RF design complexity, which enables low cost single layer applications using simple PCB antennas requiring no shielding and a minimum number of external components.

The MAC and network layer are integrated for efficient data communication management and the embedded ZigBee RF4CE network layer enables fast and simple integration. The chip is fully compliant with the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, providing robust spread spectrum data communication with a highly secure encrypted data flow.

A complete suite of interfaces to the main processor is available (SPI, TWI or UART-based). GP510 development kits are also available to assist OEMs for evaluating and integrating the GP510.

GreenPeak GP510 SoC Features

  • Ultra low cost single layer, paper phenol, PCB design, requiring no shielding, LP filters, baluns or chip antennas
  • IEEE 802.15.4 compliant
  • Operates in the worldwide 2.4 GHz ISM-band
  • Excellent range by antenna diversity: 9 dB more reliable link budget compared to single antenna systems
  • 30 dB better robustness to Wi-Fi Interference
  • Hardware accelerated AES-128 CCM security mode with automatic encryption, decryption and authentication
  • Integrated ZigBee RF4CE network layer
  • Suitable for Target or Controller node
  • Selectable serial host interface: UART, TWI or SPI Slave
  • Infra-Red (IR) generator for dual-mode controller operation

More info: GreenPeak GP510 RF4CE Network Communications Controller (pdf)