Netronome Introduces NFP-6xxx 200 Gbps Flow Processor

Netronome NFP-6xxx Flow Processors

Netronome revealed details of their NFP-6xxx flow processor family. The Netronome NFP-6xxx features 216 processing cores and 100 accelerators. The flow processors are optimized for packet, flow, security and content processing in a single device. It is the world’s first programmable 200 Gbps flow processor. The Netronome NFP-6xxx flow processors are ideal for 100-400 Gbps intelligent line cards, service blades and PCIe cards in applications such as carrier networking, cyber security, software-defined networking (including OpenFlow), mobile networking, virtualized datacenters and cloud computing.

Netronome NFP-6xxx Flow Processor Block Diagram

The NFP-6xxx product line is Netronome’s sixth generation of flow processors. They are designed for high-performance networking applications that require programmable, line-rate, stateful processing on millions of simultaneous, complex flows. The Netronome NFP-6xxx are manufactured on Intel’s 22nm 3D Tri-Gate manufacturing process.

Netronome NFP-6xxx Flow Processors Features

  • 120 programmable multi-threaded cores operating at 1.2 GHz
  • 96 Netronome packet processing cores
  • ARM11 core, L1 instruction cache 64K , L1 Data cache 64K and 256K L2 cache
  • 100 dedicated hardware accelerators
  • Accelerators for optimized packet transfers
  • Accelerators for traffic management functions
  • Accelerators for security processing
  • Flexible high-bandwidth interfaces
  • 72x10G SERDES (KR capable)
  • 10G/40G/100G Ethernet
  • Interlaken: x10G, x40G, x100G and LA
  • PCIe v3 4×8 lanes
  • 17 MB Proximity Memory to enable high-performance stateful flow processing
  • Configurable ECC protected DDR3 2133 MHz memory interfaces
  • 12 Tbps of internal credit-based fabric connecting the processing and memory resources
  • Over 256 Gbps wire speed programmable stateful flow and packet processing
  • 384 million packets per second
  • 307 billion instructions per second
  • Comprehensive software and hardware development tools
  • Comprehensive library of application software building blocks

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