Analog Devices Introduces AD9653 Four-channel Analog-to-Digital Converter

Analog Devices AD9653 four-channel high-speed ADC

Analog Devices announced the AD9653 four-channel high-speed ADC. The AD9653 is a quad, 16-bit, 125 MSPS analog-to-digital converter. It features an on-chip sample-and-hold circuit designed for low cost, low power, small size, and ease of use. The product operates at a conversion rate of up to 125 MSPS and is optimized for high performance and low power in applications where a small package size is critical. The AD9653-125 (77.5 dBFS @ 70 MHz, 125 MSPS) is available now in a 48-pin LFCSP non-magnetic package (PB-free). It is priced at $250 each in 1,000 units quantities.

ADI AD9653 analog-to-digital converter

The AD9653 16-bit quad A/D converter supports the higher channel densities of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) systems, medical ultrasound and other high-end imaging applications, such as industrial visual inspection systems and non-destructive ultrasound. It is offered in a non-magnetic package and can be used safely within the magnetic field of an MRI system. This allows the converter to be placed closer to the signal of interest, which can increase the image quality and throughput while reducing the overall component count.

Analog Devices AD9653 Analog-to-Digital Converter Features

  • 164 mW per channel at 125 MSPS with scalable power option
  • SNR = 76.5 dBFS @ 70 MHz (2.0Vp-p input span)
  • SNR = 77.5 dBFS @ 70 MHz (2.6Vp-p Input span)
  • SFDR = 90 dBc (to Nyquist)
  • DNL = ±0.7 LSB (typical); INL = ±3.5 LSB (typical)
  • 1.8 V supply operation
  • 2 V p-p input voltage range (supports up to 2.6 V p-p)
  • 650-MHz full power analog bandwidth
  • Serial LVDS digital output (ANSI-644 or reduced power mode similar to IEEE-1596.3)
  • 7-mm x 7-mm, 48-pin LFCSP
  • Pin-compatible with the AD9253 14-bit quad A/D converter and AD9633 12-bit quad A/D converter

More info: Analog Devices AD9653 Analog-to-Digital Converter (pdf)