ALT Develops New LED Lamp Driver Solution with No Reactive Components

Advanced Lighting Technologies (ALT) LED lamp driver solution

Advanced Lighting Technologies introduced a new LED lamp driver solution. The LED driver is highly efficiency and highly reliable. According to ALT, their solution is essentially an AC LED Light Engine because it consists of an LED array and a tiny 8-pin or 16-pin chip. There are no other parts, except for two wires for connecting to the AC outlet. The ALT LED solution does have any bulky components like capacitors, coils or EMI filters.

There are no reactive parts in the ALT driver circuit. As a result, the entire LED driver can be reduced to a single ASIC chip or be embedded as an IP block in a customer-specific system-on-a-chip.

The ALT LED driver is designed for an extremely wide range of output power (1W-300W) and ambient temperature (-50°C to 150°C). The LED driver is fully compatible with all dimmers, is over 90% efficient and has a power factor greater than 0.95.

By combining the ALT single chip driver with an LED array, an electric light can be completely made of solid state components. This means that the product can be manufactured in large volumes completely by automated equipment. Working printed-circuit board prototypes will be unveiled at next week’s LightFair Conference in Las Vegas.

ALT LED Lamp Driver Solution Highlights

  • Less expensive than the existing South Asian LED lamp devices
  • Lifetime of five years or longer
  • Compatibility with all existing dimmers
  • Lower parts count, one driver chip
  • Smaller size with no reactive components like coils, capacitors, EMI filters
  • Unity power factor of > 0.95
  • Harmonic distortion of < 20%
  • High efficiency of at least 90%
  • Design optimized for incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, fluorescent bulbs
  • Monolithic light engine device in which an LED driver chip is embedded into an LED array module

More info: Advanced Lighting Technologies, Inc., (ALT)