Ecospan Announces Closed-loop Reuse and Recycling Model for Electronics Companies

Ecospan BioFlow proprietary biopolymers

Thanks to Ecospan, electronics companies can now replace petroleum-based plastic material used to make personal electronics with plant based bioplastics. With their regrind and reuse model, companies can reduce their use of petroleum based plastics in manufacturing and put a more sustainable supply chain in place. Ecospan is the first company to make bioplastics applications possible across multiple industries with whole solutions for reducing or replacing petroleum-based plastics across the supply chain.

With Ecospan’s closed-loop reuse and recycling model, the company that produces a good is also responsible for its disposal. On the front-end, Ecospan provides customized concept to mold design of bio-based plastics for both products and product packaging. On the back-end, the company integrates bioplastics shipping containers into reverse logistics operations along with re-use and regrind strategies. According to Ecospan, companies can save millions of dollars, while achieving their sustainability goals.

Ecospan’s BioFlow is a proprietary biopolymers that is blended with other petroleum-free ingredients or blended with petroleum-based ingredients to meet end-product specifications and make a variety of products and packaging. Ecospan’s bioplastics can be integrated across traditional manufacturing processes, such as injection molding and T-die extrusion.

At the back end of the supply chain, Ecospan integrates petroleum-free bioplastics transport containers into a close-looped reverse logistics process to move returned products for repair, reuse or recycling. Ecospan’s containers get multiple uses (up to 15-20 cycles) and reduce product damage. The sustainable loop is closed when the containers are reground and repurposed at the end of their life into new products and put back into the closed loop system. This reduces waste in landfills and carbon emissions.

More info: Ecospan, LLC