Data Translation Unveils DT9838 Strain- and Bridge-Based USB Measurement Module

Data Translation DT9838 Portable Strain- and Bridge-Based USB Measurement Module

Data Translation introduced their DT9838 strain- and bridge-based measurement module for USB. The DT9838 is available installed in a metal connection box with RJ50 connectors, or as board-level OEM version. It will be available for shipment in July. The DT9838 is priced at $1,795 and the DT9838-OEM is priced at $1,745. It is ideal for real time test and measurement in applications like high speed mechanical tests, in-vehicle testing, and on-site impact measurements.

The DT9838 USB data acquisition module offers high-speed performance in a compact form factor for applications including strain, load, pressure, and other bridge-based measurements. The bus-powered module removes the need for an external power supply and offers 24-bit resolution; direct connectivity; 52 kS/s simultaneously sampled analog inputs; full-, half-, and quarter-bridge completion; up to 10 V internal excitation; transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) smart sensor compatibility and channel expansion using the RJ45 synchronization connector to synchronize up to four DT9838 modules.

DT9838 USB Data Acquisition Module Features

  • USB Powered
  • Simultaneous acquisition with four- 24-bit Delta-Sigma A/D channels
  • Four Simultaneous, 24-bit Delta-Sigma analog input channels
  • Tachometer in the analog input stream
  • Direct full-bridge and half-bridge support with half-bridge completion
  • Quarter-bridge support with external bridge-completion resistor
  • Throughput rates up to 52 kS/s per channel
  • Internal bridge excitation of 0 to 10 V in 167 µV steps
  • Programmable 100 kΩ ±0.1% shunt resistor per channel
  • Smart sensor TEDS (IEEE 1454.1) compatible
  • Synchronized acquisition on up to four DT9838 modules with RJ45 connector
  • Software-programmable trigger type (software, external digital trigger, or variable digital threshold trigger) to start analog input operations
  • Included drivers and software compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Supported by VIBpoint Framework (available as 14-day trial version)
  • Load cell support
  • Non-bridged voltage input configuration
  • Programmable input and bridge configuration
  • Input range of ±250 mV
  • Continuously paced analog input operations
  • LEDs for monitoring the arm/trigger state and USB status
  • Board-level OEM version available

More info: Data Translation Inc.