StarChip Samples SCF335H SIM Controllers

StarChip SCF335H SIM controllers

StarChip rolled out their SCF335H SIM controllers. The StarChip SCF335H is the company’s first product in a new generation of SIM controllers family. Compared to the previous generation of StarChip SIM controllers, the SCF335H reduces cost by 30%. The StarChip SCF335H SIM controller is available now for sampling in DIL, Card or wafer form.

The SCF335H SIM controller is based on Cortus APS3s 32-bit CPU. It supports 25Mips at 25MHz across a broad spectrum of temperatures and includes advanced low power modes. The SCF335H’s unified flash memory provides robust data retention (over 25years) with several hundred millions cycles of endurance thanks to the E3 (ECUBE) mechanisms. To provide flexibility, the memory size of the StarChip SCF335H can be tailored to customers’ requirements by a simple configuration that can done at the customer premises. In addition, StarChip have optimized software tools to further improve the code density.

The StarChip SCF335H SIM controller is designed for USIM Java Card applications. The SIM controller is the first product of a new family that will fully encompass the Telecom Smart Card ICs market. According to StarChip, the company plans to cover SIM native, USIM Java Card, LTE and High-end SIM/NFC applications. Later this year, StarChip will release the SCF136H for the native segment.

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