Mentor Graphics, Stonestreet One Integrate Bluetopia Protocol Stack with Nucleus RTOS

Mentor Graphics and Stonestreet One teamed together to integrate the Nucleus Real Time Operating System (RTOS) with the Bluetopia protocol stack. Seamless integrating Stonestreet One’s Bluetopia with Mentor’s Nucleus RTOS will enable developers to create innovative products for low power and connectivity with ease and reliability.

The partnership between Stonestreet One and Mentor gives engineers an integrated and configured solution for Bluetooth connectivity in the memory-constrained microcontroller environments. The Bluetopia solution is configured specifically for the Nucleus RTOS on the Texas Instruments Stellaris development platform. This technology supports the full set of Bluetooth profiles from Stonestreet One, such as Bluetooth stereo audio playback and serial port profile (SPP).

The Bluetopia and Nucleus RTOS solution, with integrated power management services, is an ideal solution for Bluetooth-enabled, high performance, low power connected devices such as industrial monitors, portable medical and consumer products. Nucleus RTOS provides built-in power management capabilities and connectivity features for power sensitive, wireless communication applications. The Bluetopia stack is a robust and flexible software tool that, when combined with the Nucleus RTOS, enables developers to create a variety of wireless communication applications with ease and reliability.

The Mentor Embedded Nucleus product is used in more than 2.3 billion mobile handsets. It is a proven, highly efficient, and reliable operating system. The Nucleus RTOS delivers high performance while optimizing resource usage in a single-OS or multi-OS platform. Built with a framework for high efficiency and power management, the Nucleus RTOS is ideal for memory resource-constrained devices and for systems where maximizing cycles-per-watt to conserve power is critical.

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