Protecode Offers QuickAudit to Catch Illegal Use of Open Source and Third Party Code

Protecode is offering a new service called QuickAudit. The Protecode service audits code for small projects of 5,000 software files or less. Depending on the number of files, Protecode’s streamlined audit can be completed in as little as five days. This speeds up the quality review process because a code audit is often one of the last steps in the quality assurance process reviewed by a company.

Many organizations use open source and third party code to speed up development and reduce costs. Because records of external code usage are not generally kept, uncertainties around Intellectual Property (IP) ownership can arise, affecting time to market and negatively impacting M&A activities. Protecode’s QuickAudit service allows organizations to identify software components that are used in their projects and remedy licensing issues before they become a problem.

QuickAudit is intended for use any time a transaction involving software is anticipated. This can include product delivery to market or clients, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), investments, as well as technology transfer between organizations whether they are commercial, academic or otherwise public. QuickAudit is a one-time software assessment service that identifies all open source and third party code, highlighting licensing and copyright obligations associated with the code. QuickAudit is ideal for small and medium-sized organizations and for smaller projects in larger organizations.

QuickAudit is offered through an easy-to-use, secure, self serve system on Protecode’s website. The audit is performed by Protecode’s licensing experts using Protecode System 4TM automated scanning tools. As part of this service, Protecode provides an executive audit report detailing all open source packages, licenses, and copyrights associated with software files in the target portfolio. In addition, a license obligation report summarizing the obligations associated with all licenses found in the portfolio is also provided.

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