JEDEC to Standardize Non-Volatile Wireless Memory

JEDEC’s JC-64 Committee for Embedded Memory Storage and Removable Memory Cards is forming a subcommittee focused on the standardization of non-volatile wireless memory. The JC-64.9 Subcommittee for Wireless Memory will be chaired by Nokia and vice-chaired by Micron Technology and Samsung Semiconductor. JEDEC Solid State Technology Association is the global leader in standards development for the microelectronics industry.

Wireless memory is rapidly emerging as the next generation in data transfer technology. It will enable fast, wireless connectivity with read/write capability between mobile devices (Wireless Memory Hosts) and battery-free memory tags (Wireless Memory Tags). There is currently no standard for this type of high speed, low power wireless data transfer.

A standard is essential for enabling manufacturing, distribution and retail businesses to benefit from the 100+ Mbit/s transfer rates achieved at close proximity, using very low power wireless memory. It will also enable consumers to enjoy new, fast wireless experiences, such as downloading a music album in under 10 seconds in a store.

The new wireless memory activity in JC-64 is part of an ongoing effort within JEDEC to extend memory technologies to meet the industry’s need for innovative solutions that best meet enterprise and consumer demands. All interested companies are welcome to participate in the development of open industry standards within JEDEC to help enable and grow the market for wireless memory.

More info: JEDEC Solid State Technology Association