Suprema Introduces FaceStation Face Recognition Terminal

Suprema FaceStation face recognition terminal

Suprema introduced their FaceStation face recognition terminal. FaceStation is an IP based biometric access control terminal. It features facial recognition technology that identifies individuals from their facial image features. FaceStation is the fastest face recognition access control terminal with patented adaptive IR illumination technology. Suprema is a provider of biometric technology and identity management solutions.

Conventional face recognition technology contains inherent weak points brought by lighting intensity and pose variation. FaceStation’s face recognition technology overcomes these weak points with advanced algorithm and its patented adaptive IR illumination technology. FaceStation enables face image extraction process for a range of lighting conditions. It features matching speeds of 1:1,000 in less than a second. This is faster than all other face recognition devices in the market.

FaceStation’s live face detection technology analyzes eye context from extracted images. This distinguishes actual human face objects from imitated face images. FaceStation also features contactless, hands-free biometric authentication that allows more convenient and hygiene method than other access control technology.

FaceStation features wide 4.3-inch WVGA touch screen LCD, dual-CPU processing (1.7GHz in total), videophone interface, embedded web server, TCP/IP, PoE and WiFi. It features an angled front face to maximize its coverage on users’ height. In addition, the device includes an auto detection mode with proximity sensor and customizable hot keys for various time attendance functions.

FaceStation Features

  • High performance face recognition
  • Suprema’s proprietary algorithm
  • Unparalleled image processing performance using both visual camera and IR camera
  • Intelligent adaptive/active LED illumination for increased accuracy
  • Dual-CPU architecture
  • 1.1 GHz DSP dedicated to face recognition
  • 667MHz RISC for device operation
  • 4GB Flash + 512MB memory
  • Ultra wide 4.3″ WVGA touch screen LCD
  • Solid and scratch-free surface for extra durability
  • Fully customizable, intuitive and user friendly GUI
  • Distributed IP access control system
  • Provides reader and controller features in one device
  • TCP/IP, WiFi and PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Built-in camera, microphone and speaker
  • Supports both IP based video phones and analog video phones
  • BioStar VideoPhone software to support single/multi operator interphone systems
  • 2-channel RS485, RS232, Wiegand and USB
  • 4 inputs and 2 output relays
  • Optional I/O ports for further expansion (Secure I/O)
  • Mifare/DesFire RF card options
  • Template capacity: 10,000[1:1] and 1,000[1:N]
  • 10,000 max users
  • Log capacity: 1,000,000 (10,000 image logs)
  • Dimensions (mm): 132 x 165 x 60 (w x h x d)

More info: Suprema Inc.