UMC Certifies Synopsys StarRC Parasitic Extraction Solution for 28nm Process

UMC has certified Synopsys’ StarRC parasitic extraction solution for their latest 28-nanometer (nm) process technologies. UMC’s validation of StarRC extends the benefits of Synopsys’ state-of-the-art process modeling and extraction technology to UMC’s 28-nanometer customers. This enables engineers to deliver high-performance 28-nanometer devices to market with increased confidence.

Synopsys’ StarRC solution offers silicon-validated accuracy on UMC’s evaluation designs to meet the qualification criteria for its advanced 28nm Poly SiON and High K/Metal gate processes. The StarRC technology files are immediately available to UMC customers working with its 28-nm processes. The qualification of Synopsys’ proven StarRC parasitic extraction solution for UMC’s 28 nanometer process technology strengthens the portfolio of resources available to UMC customers for 28 nanometer designs. Mutual customers can now take full advantage of our latest foundry processes and successfully bring their innovations to the marketplace.

StarRC is a key component of Synopsys’ Galaxy Implementation Platform and the industry-leading parasitic extraction solution for system-on-chip (SoC), custom digital, analog/mixed-signal (AMS) and memory designs. StarRC’s 28 nm features include modeling for key parasitic effects, including advanced retargeting effects, new via etch and coupling effects, area-dependent via resistance and capacitance, polynomial-based diffusion resistance, and enhanced layout-dependent device parasitic extraction. In addition, StarRC offers other advanced capabilities for 28-nm designs — such as unified Rapid3D technology for fast, high-accuracy 3D extraction, enhanced multicore performance and scalability, proprietary reduction capabilities and the smallest netlist for signoff of the largest SoC designs.

More info: Synopsys, Inc.