Wireless Innovation Forum Issues Call for Contributions

The Wireless Innovation Forum (SDR Forum version 2.0) has issued a call for contributions for the Open Source Framework for Commercial Baseband Software. The project focuses on reducing cost and time to market in deploying 3G and 4G, 3G+ systems, including: Fixed WiMAX (802.16d), Mobile WiMAX (802.16e), WiMAX-Advanced (802.16m), LTE (3GPP Release 8) and LTE-Advanced (3GPP Release 10). The Wireless Innovation Forum is a non-profit organization dedicated to driving the future of radio communications and systems worldwide.

The Open Source Framework for Commercial Baseband Software project is seeking contributions for:

  • A high level model for an LTE-Advanced, LTE and/or WiMAX air interface (e.g., Mathematica, Matlab, Octave, etc.)
  • An implementation preferably in C/C++ implementing WiMAX, LTE, LTE-Advanced or similar system for UE/handset/client modem (partial implementations and libraries are welcome)
  • Test vectors and validation suites for contributed systems
  • A framework for implementing physical layer software that is portable and distributable

The Open Source Framework for Commercial Baseband Software project is being developed by the Wireless Innovation Forum’s Commercial Baseband Processing Technology (CommBB) Working Group. The project targets commercial companies and research institutions that develop or have to deal with 3G+ baseband software, such as Handset and Infrastructure Manufacturers, baseband chipset companies, baseband IP providers, 3G+ test and verification equipment manufacturers, and research institutions.

You do not have to be a member of the Wireless Innovation Forum to contribute and participate on this project. You will retain full copyright rights to whatever code is contributed. While many contributions may be included, the default implementation will be selected by a Steering Group with consideration to technical performance, conformance to specifications, commercial usefulness, favorable IPR terms, and development support. Proposed contributions to the project should clearly describe any licensing and/or copyright restrictions placed on the contributions. Please submit proposals for contributions to Contributions@wirelessinnovation.org by April 30, 2012.

More info: The Wireless Innovation Forum