SMIC Introduces UHD Library for 0.11um Copper Back End of Line Process

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) introduced an ultra high density (UHD) library solution for their 0.11um Cu-BEoL (Copper Back End of Line) manufacturing platform, which can reduce chip size by an average of 31%. SMIC’s 0.11um ultra high density IP solution helps companies lower manufacturing costs and increase market competitiveness.

SMIC’s silicon-proven UHD IP solution consists of SMIC’s in-house UHD IP library, based on smaller bit cells, and Mentor Graphics’ cool-memory IP library with MemQuest memory compiler, specifically designed for compatibility with SMIC’s UHD solution.

SMIC’s in-house UHD library includes a 6-track UHD standard cell library, UHD memory compiler, and UHD standard I/O library. Mentor Graphics’ UHD cool-memory IP library features coolSRAM-6T, coolREG-6T, coolREG-8T (dual port), coolREG-8T (two port), and coolROM. This unified library solution can generate different configurations to optimize power, speed, and density. It is available now for free for SMIC customers.

Compared to designs that use a traditional IP library, SMIC’s 0.11um UHD IP solution reduces chip size by 31% for a typical SOC design. The silicon-proven ultra high density solution is ideal for a wide range of applications. These include mobile storage devices, flash memory controllers, mobile multimedia players, digital televisions, and set-top boxes.

More info: Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC)