Microchip Technology Unveils I2C MCP7940M Real-Time Clock/Calendar Device

Microchip introduced their I2C MCP7940M Real-Time Clock/Calendar (RTCC) device. The stand-alone MCP79410 features 64 Bytes of SRAM and on-chip digital trimming circuit with a wide trimming range of +/-127 ppm. The digital-trimming circuit can compensate up to 11 seconds per day for crystal error. The Microchip device is ideal for home-appliance (microwaves, washing machines, dryers, ovens, thermostats), audio/video (radios, televisions, set-top boxes, digital recorders), and consumer electronics (printers, network routers, cameras).

Microchip I2C MCP7940M Real-Time Clock/Calendar (RTCC) device

The Microchip MCP7940M RTCC is available now in 8-pin MSOP, PDIP, SOIC, TSSOP and 2 mm x 3 mm TDFN packages. Prices start at $0.45 each (10,000 unit quantities). Development support includes the Microchip MCP79410 RTCC PICtail Plus Daughter Board. The board works with the Microchip Explorer 16 Development Board, PIC18 Explorer Board, PICkit Serial Analyzer, and XLP 16-bit Development Board.

Microchip MCP7940M RTCC Features

  • 64 bytes SRAM
  • EEPROM: 1 Kbits (or none)
  • Unique ID: 64 bits (or none)
  • Unique ID programming, 0 = blank, 1 = EUI-48 MAC address, 2 = EUI-64 MAC address
  • Timing features include hours, minutes, seconds, day of the week, day, month and year
  • Dual alarms: Single IRQ Out using VCC or VBAT
  • Programmable clock: 1 Hz to 32 KHz using VCC
  • Digital trimming from -127 ppm to +127 ppm, up to 11 second/day
  • Timestamp at battery switchover: VCC to VBAT, VBAT to VCC
  • Main power (oscillator running): VCC = 1.8V to 5.5V, ICC = < 5 µA
  • Battery backup (timekeeping and RAM): VBAT = 1.3V to 5.5V, IBAT = < 700 nA

More info: Microchip Technology Inc.