iDigi Connector Connects Any Device to Internet

Digi International rolled out iDigi Connector, which is a free software download that enables devices to seamlessly connect to the iDigi Device Cloud. iDigi Connector works with any device, regardless of manufacturer or operating system. As a result, any device, anywhere, can now connect to any Internet application. The iDigi Connector makes the iDigi Device Cloud a completely open platform and extends the benefits of cloud connectivity to any device.

iDigi Connector has a very small memory footprint that will fit even in low-cost microcontrollers. The iDigi Connector supports two-way messaging for full cloud-to-device messaging and control and works on any device operating system. The software enables access to a device from the application. As a result, new device types can be added to a network without changing the application. This helps organizations to maximize their investment in their applications. In addition, any derivative works created with the iDigi Connector are the property of the developer.

The iDigi Device Cloud provides the infrastructure required to access, control, configure and upgrade devices securely over the Internet. It is a secure, reliable and scalable platform. With the iDigi Connector, the iDigi Device Cloud provides instant connectivity to any type of device from any manufacturer. This enables software developers to access the features of the iDigi Device Cloud, including device management tools and robust security capabilities.

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