Imec, Holst Centre to Present Papers at International Solid-State Circuits Conference

Imec and Holst Centre will present at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference next week in San Francisco, California. They will present fourteen papers on low power design for wireless communication and wireless sensor networks, and organic electronics. In addition, imec and Holst Centre will also reveal other important breakthroughs in wireless communication and wireless sensor networks, and organic electronics.

Imec and Holst Centre Papers at ISSCC

  • A 160µA Biopotential Acquisition ASIC with Fully Integrated IA and Motion-Artifact Suppression
  • An 8-Channel Scalable EEG Acquisition SoC with Fully Integrated Patient-Specific Seizure Classification and Recording Processor
  • A 1.7mW 11b 250MS/s 2x Interleaved Fully Dynamic Pipelined SAR ADC in 40nm Digital CMOS
  • A 70dB DR 10b 0-to-80MS/s Current-Integrating SAR ADC with Adaptive Dynamic Range
  • A 7-to-10b 0-to-4MS/s Flexible SAR ADC with 6.5-to-16fJ/conversion-step
  • A Low-Power 57-to-66GHz Transceiver in 40nm LP CMOS with -17dB EVM at 7Gb/s
  • 1D and 2D Analog 1.5kHz Air-Stable Organic Capacitive Touch Sensors on Plastic Foil
  • Bidirectional Communication in an HF Hybrid Organic/Solution-Processed Metal-Oxide RFID Tag
  • A 6b 10MS/s Current-Steering DAC Manufactured with Amorphous Gallium-Indium-Zinc-Oxide thin-film transistors Achieving SFDR > 30dB up to 300kHz
  • Power-Efficient Readout Circuit for Miniaturized Electronic Nose
  • A 2.7nJ/b Multi-Standard 2.3/2.4GHz Polar Transmitter for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • A Meter-Range UWB Transceiver Chipset for Around-the-Head Audio Streaming
  • A 915MHz 120µW-RX/900?W-TX Envelope-DetectionTransceiver with 20dB In-Band Interference Tolerance

More info: imec | Holst Centre