Conexant Systems Debuts CX20805 Digital Audio Processor

Conexant Systems introduced their CX20805 digital audio processor. The CX20805 IC integrates high-speed USB 2.0, other key audio interfaces, advanced power management and a high-performance 800 MIPS digital signal processor. The new digital audio solution is based on the Conexant Audio Processing Engine (CAPE) architecture. Samples of the CX20805 DSP is available in a small footprint 9×9, 116 pin, dual-row QFN package. Prices start at $5.50 each (10K quantities). EVKs are available to qualified customers and partners next month.

Conexant Systems CX20805 digital audio processor

CX20805 DSP Features

  • Dual-core 32-bit DSP, with each core including dual MAC running at 200 MHz
  • Large embedded memory with 520 KB SRAM and 352 KB ROM
  • High-speed USB 2.0 device supporting up to eight endpoints
  • Full duplex stereo I2S multiplexed with a four-channel PCM interface
  • I2C master and slave
  • SPI master and slave
  • Quad digital microphone with pulse density modulation support
  • SPDIF RX and TX
  • Tri-color PWM LED drivers
  • 24 flexible and fully-programmable I/Os
  • Custom audio bus to connect to multi-channel audio devices
  • Programmable PLLs
  • AES 128 decryption engine
  • Advanced debug features such as on-chip logic analyzer and JTAG
  • Dedicated peripheral and memory-to-memory DMAs channels
  • UART
  • Integrated, advanced low-power techniques such as DCDC conversion, power gating, power retention, dynamic voltage scaling and frequency scaling mechanisms to further reduce power consumption

More info: Conexant