Technosoft iPOS3602 MX Intelligent Servo Drive

Technosoft introduced their iPOS3602 MX servo drive. The micro-sized pluggable servo drive was developed for motion control applications where space is critical. All basic motor control functions and motion control and PLC features are embedded in the Technosoft servo drive. The iPOS3602 MX can be integrated to a motherboard or PCB machine within seconds. The new servo drive supports CANopen, EtherCAT and TMLCAN. The iPOS3602 MX is a flexible, compact solution for the decentralized control of any rotary or linear brushless, DC brush or step motor up to 75 W (36 V, 2 A).

The iPOS3602 MX drive’s setup, tuning and motion programming is fast with EasyMotion Studio and Technosoft Motion Language (TML). iPOS3602 MX is able to run complex motion commands directly at drive level. Using the TML language, multiple operations can be executed with iPOS3602 MX: setting of various motion modes (profiles, PVT, PT, electronic gearing or camming, etc.), change of motion modes and/or parameters, execution of homing sequences or program flow control. At the same time, iPOS3602 MX can handle digital I/O and analog input signals, execution of arithmetic and logic operations, and transfer of data between axes. The iPOS drive accepts incremental (quadrature or sine / cosine) encoders and digital or linear Halls signals as position feedback. SSI, BiSS, EnDAT absolute encoders and resolver interfaces are available through an additional extension.

Technosoft iPOS3602 MX Intelligent Drive Features

  • Fully digital motion drives
  • Suitable for the control of brushless, DC brush, and step motors
  • Standard PCIe 4x mating connectors
  • Sinusoidal (FOC) or trapezoidal (Hall-based) control of brushless motors
  • Open-loop or closed-loop control of 2-phase and 3-phase steppers
  • Modes of operation: torque, speed or position control; position or speed profiles; reference: external analog, or sent via a communication bus
  • TML instruction set for the definition and execution of motion sequences
  • Standalone operation with stored motion sequences
  • RS-232 serial communication
  • CAN-Bus 2.0B up to 1 Mbit/s, or CANopen
  • EtherCAT communication via additional extension module (optional)
  • Five digital inputs: 5-36 V, NPN (Enable, 2 limit switches and 2 general-purpose ones)
  • Four digital outputs: 5-36 V, 0.5 A, NPN open-collector (Ready, Error, two general-purpose outputs)
  • Two analog inputs: 12-bit, 0-5 V: Reference, Feedback or general-purpose
  • Incremental quad encoder (single-ended, open collector and differential)
  • Analog sine/cosine incremental encoder (differential 1 Vpp)
  • Digital and linear Hall sensors
  • Support for absolute feedback sensor (SSI, BiSS, EnDAT and resolver) through additional extension module (optional)
  • Single power supply: 9-36 V
  • Possibility to use separate logic supply: 7-36 V
  • 2 A continuous current, 3.2 A peak current
  • Protection to over-current, short-circuit, earth fault, over- / under-voltage, I2t, control error

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