Texas Instruments DK-LM3S-DRV8312 Motor Control Kit

Texas Instruments introduced their DK-LM3S-DRV8312 motor control kit. It is designed for spinning three-phase brushless motors with a Stellaris Cortex-M3 microcontroller (MCU). The DK-LM3S-DRV8312 development kit is available now. It is an ideal solution for high-volume motor control applications, including low-voltage fans, blowers, pumps, tools and compressors.

Texas Instruments (TI) DK-LM3S-DRV8312 motor control kit

The TI DK-LM3S-DRV8312 motor control kit includes a 32-bit Stellaris LM3S818 microcontroller and DRV8312 motor driver to spin sub-50V, 6.5A three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motors in minutes. The included Stellaris LM3S818 controlCARD module has the required firmware pre-programmed in flash memory to run TI’s new InstaSPIN-BLDC solution out-of-the-box, along with other customer-developed applications, when plugged into the DRV8312 motor driver base board. The InstaSPIN-BLDC solution uses a back-electromagnetic field (EMF) technique that spins any motor in seconds without knowledge of any motor parameters. Unlike traditional back-EMF zero crossing techniques, InstaSPIN-BLDC extends sensorless operation down to lower speeds and exhibits high immunity to miscommunication caused by rapid speed changes.

TI DK-LM3S-DRV8312 Motor Control Kit Features

  • Included controlCARD module with Stellaris LM3S818 MCU features 50 MHz performance, 64 KB flash, 8 KB SRAM and 6 PWM generators
  • Pluggable 100-pin DIMM form factor
  • Auto-isolation enabling upon debug connection
  • DRV8312 motor driver delivers up to 6.5A, without the need for an external heat sink
  • Includes a 24V three-phase BLDC motor operating at up to 3.5A continuous
  • 24V 2.5A DC power adapter, 110-240V AC input, USA power cable
  • USB-miniB to USB-A plug cable (for debug and serial communication)
  • Supported by StellarisWare software with TI’s IQmath Library for easy fixed to floating point conversion and InstaSPIN-BLDC software for quick and reliable motor start-up on any motor
  • Included Crosshairs Embedded solution enables users to control and monitor the total solution through an easy-to-use PC application that can be extended for customer applications
  • Complete documentation
  • LM Flash programmer utility for firmware updates
  • Applicable source code
  • Schematics
  • Texas Instruments’ Code Composer Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

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