Summit SMB346 and SMB347 Programmable Li-Ion Battery Chargers

Summit Microelectronics rolled out the SMB346 and SMB347 programmable Li-Ion battery charger integrated circuits. The new ICs offers up to 2.5A charge/system current with dual input/dual output CurrentPath technology for operation with a dead or missing battery. The Summit charger ICs are available now. The SMB346 is priced at $1.27 and the SMB347 is priced at $1.36 each (quantities of 10,000 units). The new chips are ideal for smartphones, tablets, digital still cameras, digital camcorders, wireless routers, portable media/MP3 players (PMP), portable GPS navigation equipment, and portable game consoles/controllers.

Summit Microelectronics SMB347 programmable single-cell lithium-ion/lithium-polymer battery charger

The SMB346 and SMB347 support all battery charging standards: USB 2.0 specification, USB on-the-go supplement, USB battery charging specification 1.2, IEEE1725 standard, Chinese USB charging specification, and others. In addition, the SMB346 and SMB347 are the only battery charger ICs with CurrentPath to detect the input source type (USB host/hub/charger, AC/DC, etc.) and automatically optimize operation for the fastest and safest battery charging.

The SMB346 and SMB347 are based on a 3MHz, switch-mode DC-DC architecture, with minimal external components, which results in a conversion of over 90% and extremely compact solution size. The SMB346 and SMB347 battery charger ICs also simplify system designs. They do this by integrating a robust set of system functions, which reduce external components and software requirements. In addition, both integrated circuits offer a wide programmable range of parametric and functional configurability.

Summit Microelectronics SMB346 and SMB347 ICs Features

  • Efficient battery charging eliminates heat issues
  • Charge current: up to 1.25A (SMB346)
  • Charge current: up to 2.5A (SMB347)
  • Automatic Input Current Limit for universal USB/AC/DC adapter compatibility
  • Optional automatic power source detection per latest USB charging specification 1.1/1.2
  • USB or AC input with automatic input selection and programmable input current limiting (USB2.0/3.0 compliant)
  • Up to 750mA charging output from 500mA USB port
  • Supports 1250mA (SMB346) or 2500mA (SMB347) AC adapter using proprietary TurboCharge Mode
  • Input/output CurrentPath control allows system operation with deeply discharged/missing battery — no start-up delay
  • USB OTG and HDMI/MHL power support (up to 750mA @ +5V)
  • Float voltage and charge current compensation for JEITA and JISC 8714 support
  • 3MHz switching allows tiny external components
  • +4.35to+6.2V operating input voltage range
  • +20V input rating (non-operating) with over-voltage protection
  • Digital programming of all major parameters via I2C interface
    • Pre-charge voltage, float voltage
    • Input/pre-charge/fast charge/term. current
    • Battery temperature limits, safety timers
  • Comprehensive protection features
    • Status/fault indicator
    • Battery/IC thermal protection
    • Short circuit/UV/OV protection
    • Charge termination safety timers
  • Tiny CSP packages

More info: Summit Microelectronics