Embedded Systems Shifting to Multicore Processors

VDC Research released a report on how the mounting complexity of embedded systems is increasing the use of multicore processors. According to the multicore components and tools research, the physical limitations of single core chips have forced the transition to multicore processors. Volume 5 | Track 1 of the Embedded Software Engineering Market Technologies & Statistics report is available now.

VDC Research Report Summary

The growth in the multicore components and tools market has been largely enabled by the efforts of semiconductor vendors, many of whom have focused on improving the affordability, availability and functionality of multicore processors, thus easing engineers’ transition from single core systems. Though the adoption of multicore has not yet reached the levels expected by engineers, its acceptance has spread to a wide variety of vertical market applications – specifically those whose complex designs necessitate high performance, low power consumption and a small footprint. While the adoption of multicore in embedded is certainly trending upward, it remains to be seen whether or not the actual adoption of this technology will ever catch up with the expectations of the engineering community.

More info: Embedded Software Engineering Market Technologies & Statistics (pdf)