SPIRIT DSP Unveils TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Tablet

SPIRIT DSP introduced TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Tablet. TeamSpirit Tablet is a communications client-side voice and video engine that turns any iOS and Android tablet computer into a HD quality, multipoint video conferencing endpoint. The software development kit enables service providers, application developers and device manufacturers to quickly launch voice and video calling services.

TeamSpirit Tablet is designed to deliver high quality, hands-free audio using SPIRIT’s IP-MRTM (IP Multi Rate), wideband, scalable and error-resilient voice codec (IETF RFC 6262) and H.264 scalable HD video (up to 720p HD resolution) on iOS and Android-based tablets. It supports touch screens and tablets with 7″ to 12″ screen sizes.

TeamSpirit Tablet Highlights

    SPIRIT DSP TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Tablet

  • SPIRIT’s patent-free, robust HD voice codec IP-MR (IETF RFC 6262) optimized for voice transmission over all-IP networks
  • Speech enhancement module with SPIRIT’s proprietary AEC algorithms delivering the highest signal quality
  • Multi-layer packet loss recovery module for audio and video streaming
  • Special module for network stream adaptation to network impairments, such as congestions, latency, varying delay (jitter), bandwidth limitations, etc.
  • Cross-platform video conferencing scenario support and seamless integration with TeamSpirit Conferencing Server, TeamSpirit Engine PC, TeamSpirit Engine Mobile and TeamSpirit Engine Tablet
  • In-depth platform optimization capability designed to save tablet battery life
  • Supports landscape/portrait mode and front/back camera selection
  • Enhanced by Google’s patent-free VP8 video codec, in addition to standard H.263, H.264 AVC, MPEG4 video codecs (up to 30 fps)

More info: SPIRIT DSP