SpaceStudio Virtual Platform Technology Supports ARM-based FPGA Design

Space Codesign® Systems announced the support for ARM-based FPGA design in its SpaceStudioTM 2.2 virtual platform technology. Pioneering hardware/software codesign technology enables electronic engineers to enjoy a higher level of abstraction and executable representation for embedded systems design in commercial multimedia applications. System architects and design engineers can now efficiently exploit the high performance ARM Cortex-A9 dual MPCore, and easily define which code can be moved from hardware to software using sophisticated hardware/software partitioning based on their needs.

SpaceStudioTM 2.2′s virtual platform technology features new libraries with the ARM Cortex-A9 dual MPCore processor and AMBA bus architecture that will be useful for the ESL design implementation of the upcoming Xilinx Zynq (Extensible Processing Platform) family. Tailored to system architects and software developers, SpaceStudioTM 2.2 will serve as a comprehensive Electronic System Level (ESL) tool that covers the early and middle System-On-Chip (SoC) design cycle. “The ARM Cortex-A9 processor has become an industry standard when powerful processing is needed from the ARM architecture,” said Guy Bois, Ph.D., P. Eng., and President of Space Codesign® Systems. “SpaceStudio 2.2 is there to assist engineers determine how to meet their specific performance requirements with the advanced functionality needed.”

From early software development to system simulation, validation, and prototyping, SpaceStudioTM can integrate with a wide variety of third party products and supports several industry standards and levels of design abstraction. A system architect and software developer can fully explore and analyze the impact of different implementation options on the performance of complex embedded systems and determine the best hardware/software partitioning using this ESL design platform.

SpaceStudioTM 2.2 was previewed at CMC Microsystems Annual Symposium this month and was received enthusiastically. The pre-release is available now to interested FPGA designers.

About Space Codesign Systems, Inc.
Founded in 2008, Space Codesign® Systems, Inc. offers virtual platform technology products and services for the creation of embedded systems applications centered on ESL (Electronic System Level) design technology and hardware/software codesign methodology. Space Codesign® Systems’ technology was initially developed in the Microelectronics and Microsystems Group (GRM2) at École Polytechnique de Montréal, where the SpaceStudioTM technology has matured to become a powerful and unique front-end design tool.

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