Apple iPhone 4S Teardown

Chipworks recently posted the results of their Apple iPhone 4S teardown. Their analysis focused on the die level to provide information that is not readily available at the board level. According to Chipworks, iPhone 4S contains a lot of the same devices observed in the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2. The Apple iPhone 4S is essentially a technology hybrid between the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 mobile devices. Chipworks is a leader in reverse engineering and patent infringement analysis of semiconductors and electronic systems.

Chipworks Apple iPhone 4S Teardown

Inside the Apple iPhone 4S

  • A5 dual-core processor (up to 2x more power and 7x faster graphics than A4)
  • Qualcomm RTR8605 multi-band RF transceiver
  • STMicroelectronics LIS331DLH MEMs accelerometer
  • STMicroelectronics L3G4200D MEMs gyroscope
  • Sony CMOS image sensor
  • Texas Instruments 343S0538 touch screen controller
  • Skyworks 77464-20 power amplifier
  • Avago ACPM power amplifier
  • TriQuint TQM9M9030 SAW filter
  • TriQuint TQM66052
  • Apple 338S0987 is a Cirrus Logic CLI1560B0 audio codec
  • Qualcomm MDM6610
  • Apple 338S0973 is a Dialog Semiconductor D1881A power management chip
  • Qualcomm PM8028 power management IC
  • Toshiba THGVX1G7D2GLA08 16 GB 24 nm MLC flash memory

More info: Chipworks