Imsys SNAP Stamp Module

Imsys introduced their Stamp module. It is the latest new member of its Simple Network Application Platform (SNAP). The SNAP Stamp module features IM3910 MCU, SDRAM, flash memory, 10/100 Ethernet PHY (plus RMII interface for a 2nd Ethernet port), 3 UARTs, SPI/I2C, RTC, 8 timers, 8-ch ADC (16 bit), 2 DAC (16 bit), and a high-speed, 83 MB/s, data channel. It contains everything needed for the intelligent control of a networked final product. SNAP Stamp will be available next quarter. It will be priced at less than $50 in moderate quantities.

Imsys SNAP Stamp module block diagram


    Imsys SNAP Stamp module (Simple Network Application Platform)

  • High performance multi-threaded Java execution
  • Certified J2ME-CLDC virtual machine
  • Four channel A/D 16-bit 44 ksps converter with optional external reference voltage
  • Two D/A 16-bit 44ksps converters
  • 2 / 4 / 8 Mbytes Flash memory
  • 8 / 32 Mbytes SDRAM
  • 10/100Base-T Ethernet MAC and PHY
  • Optional 2nd RMII interface
  • TCP/IP stack, Web/FTP/Telnet server
  • Three serial ports (3.3V levels, 4-wire, 920 kb/s)
  • High-speed I2C bus and SPI
  • Parallel 8-bit high speed data bus
  • 8 to 53 General-purpose digital I/O ports
  • MMC / SD card support
  • Extensive I/O functions through Java APIs, including PPP, FTP, E-mail, GPIO, timers
  • Enhanced performance for special functions e.g. graphics, crypto, and floating point operations
  • Rubus JOS RTOS with fail-safe flash file system
  • High I/O bandwidth (>650 Mbits/s DMA)
  • Real time clock and calendar
  • On board Temperature sensor
  • 150 / 200 MHz oscillator frequency
  • Commercial / industrial temperature range
  • Connection for Imsys JTAG trace adapter
  • Reference designs available, complete with schematics and firmware for Dallas/Maxim 1-wire, CAN, TFT LCD, touch panel, CD quality audio

More info: Imsys