Summit Microelectronics SMB220 and SMB221 Buck Regulators

Summit Microelectronics introduced their SMB220 and SMB221 integrated 10A and 20A buck regulators. The new chips feature built-in MOSFET’s, digital programmability and non-volatile configuration. The Summit step-down DC-DC buck regulators are available now in a thermally-enhanced, RoHS-compliant, lead-free 5mm X 6mm, 28-pad QFN. The SMB220 is priced $1.80 each while the SMB221 is priced at $2.50 respectively (quantities of 10,000 units). The SMB220/SMB221 are ideal for enterprise servers and storage systems, enterprise and carrier switches/routers/base stations, and consumer digital media (IP digital television and set-top box).

Summit Microelectronics SMB220 and SMB221 integrated 10A and 20A buck regulators

Summit SMB220/SMB221 Features

  • Input voltage range: +4.5V to +16V
  • Up 20A continuous output current
  • Integrated MOSFETS
  • Digital I2C programmable and non-volatile configuration
  • Static or dynamic output voltage (1.0% accuracy)
  • +0.5V to +2.5V, 10mV steps
  • +1V to +5.0V, 20mV steps
  • Custom voltages with external resistor divider
  • Digital soft-start control
  • Power-on delay
  • PWM Switching frequency
  • Enable/disable control
  • Serial-interface slave addresses
  • Output voltage margining
  • Output UV/OV monitoring
  • PWM or PFM operation

More info: Summit Microelectronics